In addition to the practical education, colleges and schools of art, cinema, architecture and design in The Netherlands have been devoting more and more time to theoretical research. These interdisciplinary researches have been producing thousands of Masters and PhD theses with a broad range of subjects being interlocked and studied. But what is done with the produced, and later deposited, knowledge in digital libraries and repositories?
The BREAKING FOR KNOWLEDGE series aims to answer this question. Promoting the dissemination and discussion of the knowledge produced within the academy in artistic fields; inviting creators and researchers to (re)present their master’s and PhD’s theses in a non-academic place and context, to a general public.
Anyone who has already completed his/hers master’s thesis or PhD in any area of the arts, in a university or institute in The Netherlands or abroad is invited to sign up, there is no selection process and the submissions are open all year round.
The 20/30 minutes presentations are followed by 20/30 minutes conversation with the audience. The presentations’ language is English.The entrance is free of charge.
Presenters should download and fill in the PARTICIPATION FORM and send it to break@doyoumeanarchitecture.com.
Sofia Mourato
Boudewijn van den Breemer
General contact:
Sofia Mourato
+31 653119147


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