The event DOM FRADIQUE SQUARE CULTURAL PROGRAM is organized by FAS, which is implementing in the Castle District and the Cathedral Hill since 2013 the project “Moralá Castelo”. A social-economic, cultural development and community oriented project that consists of urban requalification of the territory which is a part of this historic area of Lisbon. It involves and encourages the participation of local people in the process, through the design of several cultural initiatives.

This cultural event aims to intervene in the Dom Fradique ruins expectant space courtyard in the historic center of Lisbon. The various proposals being presented seek to discuss and react on themes such as massification of tourism in historical centers, the abandonment of people to periphery, the increased gentrification, the identity loss of neighborhoods, degradation and abandonment of buildings and urban spaces.During the month of July there will be several cultural proposals in the courtyard, with the aim of boosting that space and giving it a new life. Open air screenings, music, exhibitions, debates and artistic workshops.

DYMA curated two films for the event that seemed undeniably crucial to present. Taking advantage of the site itself we hope these two documentaries help raise some good questions regarding the cultural program theme of tourism massification in historical centers and its implications on the citizens and the city.


15thJuly | Tuesday | 6pm — Debate
Tourism Impact: Historical Centers – Ways of Urban Reabilitation and Social Architecture Today 


15thJuly | Tuesday | 9.30pm — Open-air Screening

BYE BYE BARCELONA – Eduardo Chibas, 55m, 2014
Bye Bye Barcelona is a documentary about a city and it’s relationship with tourism, about the difficult coexistence between Barcelona and it’s people with tourism and tourists. It is a documentary that exposes through the thoughts of some of it’s residents, the significant effects that mass tourism has on the city.

THE VENICE SYNDROME – Andreas Pichler, 82m, 2012
The film shows what remains of Venetian life: Venice lives under the enormous pressure of mass tourism – and lives from it. The city has ceased to exist as an urban structure, has been deserted by its inhabitants and is descending into physical, social and moral decay. The film is a portrait of a magnificent city in the process of destroying itself.

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