“The frantic interest of expanding the scope of architectural thought clearly indicates that the art of architecture has become uncertain of it’s essence and future course” – Juhani Pallasmaa

More then a 1400 fiction films portrait architects as main characters since 1904 and at least ten architecture film festivals were founded in the last decade. In architecture studies around the world, cinema is a recurring and more and more frequent subject. Hundreds of new documentaries are made, every year, about architecture and/or architects. There is a growing interest in documentation of architecture practice and its implications trough film. Work processes, egos, relations between architecture and other forms of art, activism, authorship, work conditions, you can go on… In this presentation for the AA Visiting School in Lisbon I presented several visual examples that illustrate the different categories of architecture based documentary storytelling. I focused on a discussion with the audience on the differences between film as an artistic valuable document and a simply advertising one.

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