Basic course in Photography

This Lisbon based Photography Course will teach you how to get the most from
your digital camera by understanding the basics of photography.  The mission of
this course is not only for you to learn theory, but to put that theory into
practice.  Be more in control of your camera and get the results you want.
 Use a digital camera to create well-composed images with proper exposure
and color balance.
 To understand the basic concepts of Shutter Speed, Aperture and ISO
 To create an exposure in the manual mode
 The creative techniques of depth of field and movement control
 To recognize and work with Fluorescent, tungsten and daylight
 The techniques of dealing with bright light and lack of light situations,
including night photography.
 To make use of available light, built-in flash, and use a tripod or other stable
surfaces to solve low light issues.

 Each class will include a concise lecture and visual presentation on the
subject of the day.
 Then it’s time to put your new knowledge to use.  The second half of the
class you will be doing exercises with your camera.
 You will then be given the opportunity to master the skill in creative out of
class assignments and receive feedback on your images in class.